Updated profile photos and heights of members

The profile photos on the official Nogizaka46 website were changed to the 26th single uniform, so the DB profile photos were also updated.

Furthermore, the heights of members on the official website were updated, so the DB was updated to reflect this.

New page: hometowns of members

Created a new page showing the hometowns of members and a ranking of prefectures.

Wrote a script that tabulates the hometowns of members in the database. I wanted to display the prefectures from north to south, so I downloaded “prefecture codes” used by the Japanese government and put them in a table. An INNER JOIN was used in the SQL query to combine the two tables, and ORDER BY based on the prefecture codes was used to display the results from north to south.




データベースに登録されている出身地を集計して、多い県の順に表示するスクリプトを書きました。そして北から南へ(北海道で始まって沖縄で終わる)にしたかったので、役所がつかっている都道府県コードというものをデータベースの別のテーブルに入れ、SQLのクエリーではINNER JOINをつかってメンバー情報のテーブルとくっつけ、ORDER BYで都道府県コードの昇順で表示するようにしました。